Lightweight Honeycomb Cladding Panels

The industry leader in high tech lightweight honeycomb technology

ALLCOMB UK is the UK and Ireland Distributor and Sole Agent for Allcomb, an internationally recognized brand manufacturing advanced honeycomb cladding panels. Specialising in reinforced wall panel cladding system that incorporates the natural beauty of brick, large-format porcelain, granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, sandstones and many more.

Allcomb UK work in partnership with sister company PCS Stone Specialists in providing a full design, supply and installation solution.

Originally designed for use in the aerospace industry, the high tech, lightweight honeycomb technology is used to make the lightest, sturdiest panel systems including micro core honeycomb.

Quality HoneyComb Cladding Panels

ALLCOMB®  panels are lightweight and are five times lighter than traditional stone cladding. The products are waterproof, more stable, and more durable. They’re available in a variety of choices including brick, porcelain, marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, onyx, and slate.

The ALLCOMB® Advantage

Lightweight & Weatherproof
Stability & Durability
Flexibility & Impact Resistant
Thoroughly Tested